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Anonymous said...

I have trees in the Island View Parks that have been dead for over three years. The city has cut some dead trees but left others.

Michael Dallas said...

Trees along Watercress and Islandview stick into the road. They need to be trimmed back three feet from the road.

Watercress has erosiion along the sides as well as damage that needs repair.

Michael Dallas said...

A comment has been made about the electrical easement in the Love Circle area. The easement seems to proceed down the middle of the lots dividing them in two. This placement limits the development that can occur on the lots (e.g. you can't put a two story home under the wires). The question is whether this utility could be repositioned to coincide with the new water and sewer placement. In other words, can we move the electrical wires out to the street?

Michael Dallas said...

I sent an email to Paul Bounds (at the Fort Worth Water Department) asking him about this issue.

Chris Rainone - 8912 Sunrise Point Ct said...


I have worked with Oncor for almost a year in regards to the electric Easement. What I have been told repeatedly is that because Oncor has 'prescriptive rights' the owner of the property must pay to have the electric lines relocated. If you can find a way to have the city pay for them, that would be swell, but I have tried to fight that argument to no avail. Most of the power lines have been in place for more than 40 years and as such, the easements don't even have to be called out on the platt in order for Oncor to demand payment for movement.

Michael Dallas said...


You are not alone with the "electrical easement problem." Many of the folks on Love Circle have an electrical easement / line slicing through the middle of their lots. I've fought this battle but have been told with good authority that the electric company can charge the homeowner to move the lines. It is ridiculous that these lines were dropped they way they were. I'm sure it made sense years ago, but it has caused a royal pain today.

You might complain to the PUC. However, I'm not sure what argument you can make.

How much is Oncor trying to charge you?

Tereva said...

Street Lighting on Shore View Drive? Shore View Drive has no street lighting except at the 2 (x) the intercsections entering Killdear street. It is a very heavly traveled road, with no street lighting. Where as Heron on the East side of Lake Worth has street lighting along it's road. How did we get left out of this inprovement. And who do I contact about looking into it? Thanks. also who is running for our seat?

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the exact amount I need to pay for my land that is coming up in June 2012?

Anonymous said...

A few questions -
1. Is there an Update on the Water department schedule for water and sewer on Love Circle. There does not seem to be any activity or seen any notices?
2. Any change on the electrical easement issue in regard to movement as part of the above project?
3.Since there city did not dredge, has not provided water sewer, the electrical easement issue etc.. They need to use lower valuations to property tax. I Protested last year and received some reduction but IMO not enough. They were comparing Love Circle property to those on Eagle Mountain 1,000,000 houses. That is not logical nor fair.

David said...

Here is a request and idea.

Specifically regarding the Love Circle Land owners. Since we did not receive any of the benefits of dredging or other amenities of the lake and are burdened more than other lake front owners due to being above the 199 bridge and adjacent to the Fort Worth wildlife reserve.
I think we should be provided with a special Property Tax exemption or discount. Seems like we are penalized on the above items and then get hammered with high property taxes. The city should provide a class discount for our property taxes. Currently they try to set our rates as compared to eagle mountain lake or area of the lake that get the additional benefits. I do not think that is very fair.