Breaking News! - Lake Worth Discussed in FW Business Press Article By D7 Candidates

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Breaking News! - District 7 Council candidates discuss Lake Worth and shoreline residents in Fort Worth Business Press article. By voting together in this election, shoreline residents are becoming a valued constituency.

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Voting Instructions:
One Voting Day Left: Saturday, June 18th - 7am to 7pm

Voting Location - You must vote at the Lake Patrol Office:

Lake Worth Patrol HQ (Marshal's office)
(By Casino Beach)
7501 Surfside Drive
Fort Worth TX 76135

Common Questions:
Not sure where to vote? - Look at the maps.
You can vote at any early voting location. The two places above are the closest to the shoreline.

Didn't vote in the first election? - No problem.
Any registered voter can vote in the runoff - even if he/she didn't vote in the first election.

Don't want to vote for mayor? - No problem.
Vote in the council race and leave the mayor race blank.

Don't want to vote for a councilman? - No problem.
Vote in the mayoral race and leave the council race blank.

No voter registration card? - No problem.
If you lost your voter registration card, don't worry.
You don't need it. Just present your driver's license.
The staff will do the rest. It's very quick and easy!

Need a ride? - No problem.
If you need a ride, just call me.
We have people who will take you to the polls.
You can reach me at 817-733-9056.

Don't know who to vote for? - No problem.
Call a neighbor or call a friend.
Every single vote - no matter which candidate you vote for - is a vote for the lake.


Breaking News! - Lake Worth Discussed in FW Business Press Article By D7 Candidates


I want to show you something amazing. Here is this week’s issue of the Fort Worth Business Press. On page 7, an article appears entitled, “District 7 race pits Shingleton versus Perry.” The article talks about the two men and their viewpoints on various topics. Here’s the exciting part. At the very end of the article, on page 27, the candidates talk about Lake Worth.

Dennis Shingleton says, “The green space should remain green space, not only for the residents around Lake Worth but for residents of the city.” Perry spoke about the property rights of shoreline residents and the remaining leaseholders. He says, “I do believe in property rights and if we’ve made a promise to these people, I think we should keep it.” This is huge! This is exactly what we’ve been trying to do! We are absolutely accomplishing our goal of making the shoreline residents a respected constituency.

As I’ve said before, in the world of city government, voting makes you important. Your one vote sends a more powerful message than anything else you can do. No matter who you vote for, just the very act of your voting sends an extraordinarily powerful message. Your single votes says to our city leaders that you value your home and your neighborhood, and you expect their help and their support..

Last month, about 300 shoreline residents voted in the first election. So far, about 200 shoreline residents have voted in the runoff. We need everyone who voted in May to vote again. Those who haven’t voted in the runoff yet, need to vote on Saturday. What I need you to do right now is to forward this email all your friends on the shoreline and let them know how important it is to vote. They need to vote on Saturday if they haven’t voted yet. Again, I cannot overemphasize how important every single vote is.

Shoreline residents who vote this weekend need to go to the Marshal’s Lake Patrol office 7501 Surfside Drive, next to Casion Beach. You can click the link below for a map.

I know that this has been a long election but we are almost there! Together, we are changing everything!

I’m Michael Dallas.

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