Dredging Meeting - THIS IS IT! - Dec 11th 7:00PM

Dear Neighbors:

This coming December 11 represents the most important day in the history of Lake Worth. On that day, you and I will convince the Fort Worth City Council to actually proceed with the dredging of the lake.

Now that the (CIIP) engineering proposal to dredge Lake Worth is complete, the Fort Worth City Council must now vote on the project. With huge gas revenues now beginning to accrue, lack of money is no longer a valid reason to delay the dredging. On December 11th, the Lake Worth Alliance and lake supporters will be presenting why dredging Lake Worth now is important to the entire city.

The council's decision will be strongly influenced by the number and enthusiasm of the people who attend the meeting. EVERY PERSON WHO CARES ABOUT LAKE WORTH NEEDS TO BE AT THE DECEMBER 11TH CITY COUNCIL MEETING!

I cannot stress enough that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. YOU need to be at that meeting. YOU need to get excited. Your individual presence will make a HUGE difference. This event is high priority.

With your help, a clean and sufficiently deep Lake Worth will soon become a reality.

It is vital that you do three things right now:
1) Mark your calendar now.
2) Tell your friends and neighbors how important this meeting is and that they need to be there.
3) Copy and email this notice to everyone that you know who cares about Lake Worth.

Date: December 11th
Time: 7:00PM (Be there by 6:30 to get a seat)
Where: City Council Chambers
1000 Throckmorton,
Fort Worth
What to bring: Enthusiasm!
What to expect: Success!

Michael Dallas
Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association

In The News

Below are news stories that will help you understand why you should participate in the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association:

Star Telegram: Sunday November 11, 2007 - With Piles of Dollars At Stake, Neighbors Unite

Getting the Deed

For Those Who Do Not Own The Option To Purchase:

There’s some confusion about City policy regarding sales of LW city owned leased shoreline land where the option agreement had not been purchased by the homeowner. Here are some questions and answers.

Question 1: Can the current homeowner purchase his or her land now at the currently appraised market value?

Answer 1: Yes, provided that the property meets the current requirements as follows 1) the property is platted, 2) the property is connected to water and/or sewer; this will depend on the inspection made by the Lake Worth Management Office (LWMO) specific to each property 3) the property cannot be supported by an off-site drain field, 4) all monies due and payable to the City of Fort Worth must be current, 5) the sale of the land will be to the Lessees of record only.

Question 2: What appraisal process establishes the market value?

Answer 2: The city utilizes the services of an independent appraiser who assesses the value of the land.

Question 3: Who pays for those appraisals? If the city provides appraisal, can the homeowner provide their own private appraisal as part of the valuation process?

Answer3: The cost of the appraisal is added to the sale price of the land and paid for by the buyer. In order to ensure continuity in the fair market value, the city uses the same appraiser to establish the land values. This prevents the opportunity for any discrepancies in land values that might arise from the use of multiple appraisers. It also eliminates the opportunity for the appraiser to be a friend or family member who might be influenced by the lessee directly.

Question 4: When do you anticipate those folks will be able to buy there land at the market value?

Answer 4: There has been no change to the policy. Land sale are occurring on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of the lessee to contact the city, if and when they would like to purchase their land.