Neighborhood Meeting October 2, 2021

Annual Meeting - October 2, 2021

Resolved Issues:

  1. Lake dredging.

  2. Formation of Lake Worth Regional Coordinating Committee (LWRCC)

  3. Installation of safety wall in center of Jacksboro Highway bridge.

  4. TXDot Mess on Jacksboro Highway - former gravel storage.

  5. Casino Beach Traffic on Watercress - Casino Beach Project cancelled.

  6. Jacksboro Highway Corridor Annexation - The area has been divided between the two cities.

  7. Love Circle Park revitalization

  8. Love Circle water and sewer Installation and Watercress water

  9. Unified park hours around lake - sunrise to sunset 

  10. Water and sewer installation

  11. Love Circle deeding process

Issues Underway: 

1) Bike Trails


2) Sunset Park and Peninsula Club Preservation 

We continue trying to get a discussion with the Parks Department about master planning.  

3) Completion of Highway 199 (Jacksboro Highway) between Confederate Parkway and Loop 820

In the last session, Texas lawmakers liberated the diverted highway funds from gas taxes back to highway projects.  Our representative, Charlie Geren, has committed that funds will be used to complete the raised highway portion of Hwy 199 from Confederate Parkway to Loop 820.  Instead of a traffic light, Surfside will have a bridge and ramps. 

4) Crime Fighting Efforts - Working toward a comprehensive plan.

Coordinated Security Plan for Lake Worth 

Lake Worth ENFORCE Committee

(City employees are currently working on implementing the plan)

(Go to to see the entire plan.)

Purpose of plan:  To implement a set of achievable, measurable, and economically feasible goals to enhance the security and safety for lake residents and lake guests.

Security issues: In addition to crime issues common to the entire city, the lake experiences an additional layer of issues.  These issues include the vandalism and dumping issues to the extensive park properties, theft of water-specific equipment such as boats and tackle, drowning and injury from lake use, and the increase of all types of crime due to the numerous guests who visit the lake.  These issues not only affect the residents of the lake but also the guests who wish to enjoy the lake.  For the safety of all citizens, the security in and around the lake is critically important.


Evaluation of infrastructure - Each neighborhood needs to evaluate its infrastructure for needed additions and/or repairs.  Infrastructure improvements would include:

Fencing / cabling - Fencing and cabling could be used in a variety of ways including discouraging lake guests from infringing on private property, reducing illegal dumping, and controlling traffic damage to natural areas.  Much has already been installed.

Park hours signage - Clearly marked park hours will help policing of the area and reduce undesirable activities which could result in injury or crime. Many have already been installed.

Enforcing park hours - Patrols clear parks at sundown.

“On lake” and park location markers - Clearly marked “location signs” would help guests and residents communicate with law enforcement as to the specific location needing service.  Location markers would be put in strategic locations in and around the lake.

ENFORCE Committee - Neighborhood leaders and law enforcement meet periodically to address security issues around the lake.

5) Stay Connected


Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association Meeting

Saturday (October 2nd) at 10:00AM, the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association will be holding its annual neighborhood association meeting. We will review the important issues that affect Lake Worth and our neighborhood.  This will be your opportunity for you to hear what's going on and to ask questions. 

Neighborhood issues we will discuss:

  • Bicycle trail installation update

  • Jacksboro Highway corridor redevelopment

  • Crime fighting efforts around the lake

When: Saturday, October 2nd 10:00AM
Where: Front yard meeting
            7504 Love Circle
            Fort Worth, TX 76135

We will be meeting in the front yard next to the street so bring a chair if you want to sit.

Information about these issues will be posted on the Facebook Group and the website posted below.

For more information about what’s going on the in the neighborhood, visit:

Facebook Groups:
Lake Worth Area Crime Watch

Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association



Michael Dallas