On February 18, 2008, the Fort Worth City Council voted unanimously to begin accepting bids for drilling rights to the western and southern parts of Lake Worth. Undoubtedly, this means that lease offers will soon begin pouring in to lake residents. PLEASE, for your own sake, begin participating with the neighborhood association in the drilling discussion.

The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association will provide the support and structure for members (and non-members) who own mineral rights to use in the negotiation of mineral leases. We are fortunate that other neighborhood associations around Lake Worth have already had the experience of negotiating agreements. The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association intends on drawing from the experience of the other associations as well as seeking the help of the Lake Worth Alliance.

Even if you don't have mineral rights, the location and quality of drill sites will affect YOU. We are all in this together. Together, we can make sure that the drilling remains a benefit to Fort Worth.

Michael Dallas
SSNA President

Please post your comments and conerns below.

Boundaries / Map

Click on map to view details.

Properties along the shoreline of Lake Worth (lake) starting at the eastern boundary of the Fort Worth Nature Center (currently the first inhabited address is 7568 Love Circle, Fort Worth TX 76135) and continuing along the western shoreline to the address just west of Peninsula Club Road known as 9105 Watercress, Fort Worth TX 76135. The Lake Worth Sailing club representatives have asked to be excluded from the association, therefore 4064 Peninsula Club Cir is not included in the boundaries.

Sewers - Long Overdue

As you know, the Scenic Shores area around Lake Worth has been promised sewers for a long time. Residents are wondering whether these modern conveniences will ever arrive. The answer is that we will get sewers - sooner or later. We just don't know which.

The way Paul Bounds (Regulatory/Environmental Coordinator of the Fort Worth Water Department) describes the water department's project management is this. A "list" of projects is created and prioritized. The department then starts at the top of the list and works down. Once the department's budget runs out, nothing lower on the list gets done. Guess what. Our sewers have never been high enough on the "list" to get done.

The newest development in the sewer saga is the creation of a new "list" - The Lake Worth Capital Improvement Implementation Plan (CIIP). This ambitious list should begin a transformation of the lake area into a world-class recreational complex. The current list primarily consists of dredging Lake Worth, improving parks, and a handful of miscellaneous capital projects. One of the projects on the list is our sewers.

Right now it is unclear whether being moved from one list to the other is good or bad. As you might guess, many residents are cynical. They feel that putting our sewers on the same list as a long-promised dredging of the lake will delay the installation indefinitely.

If you would like to speak with Paul Bounds and other city leaders about the sewers or other projects on the CIIP, click here for the next public meeting time.

If you have any thoughts, insights or clarifications, just post them below.

Fort Worth City Contacts

Animal Control (817) 392-3737
Brush & Bulky Waste Collection (817) 392-3279
Code Compliance (817) 392-1234
Curbside Recycling (817) 392-3279
Dead Animal Pickup (817) 392-3737
Illegal Dumping Fort Worth (817) 392-3279
Permits (Garage Sales) (817) 392-2222
Traffic Lights Not Working/Timing/Street Lights Out (817) 392-8100

Street Repairs:
Potholes/Minor Repairs/Emergencies: 817-392-8100 (TPW Customer Service Center)
Requests for Major Repairs: 817-392-6311 (TPW Infrastructure)
CIP Streets (under construction): 817-392-7813 (Engineering Department)
Water Leak Damage/Repairs: 817-392-8275 (Water Department)
Click here for more info.

Tree Removal From Parks and Roadside Brush Trimming:
The forestry division of the Parks Department is responsible for tree removal from city owned property and trimming the brush back along the roadsides. You can contact them at 817-871-5738. Click here for more info.

Illegal Dumping:
Illegal dumping is investigated by the Environmental Investigations Unit of the Code Compliance Dept. Click here to report illegal dumping

Post Your Concerns and Issues Here

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10/18/2007 - Lake Worth Dredging Meeting

A public meeting will be held on October 18, 2007 at 6:30P to discuss the Lake Worth Capital Improvement Implementation Project. Meetings are scheduled at the City of Lake Worth, City Council Chambers, 3805 Adam Grubb. Mark your calenders and plan on attending to hear more about the future of our lake.

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Stay Informed / Contact Us

If you would like to stay informed about issues in the neighborhood and around the lake that affect you and your family, please enter all of your contact information below. It will only be used by the association to keep you informed.

IMPORTANT: If you are a shoreline resident, please include your address so that we can invite you to special lake events.

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Law Enforcement and Security

Problems with 911
Residents who live on Lake Worth (but in the City of Fort Worth) frequently have their 911 calls rerouted to the City of Lake Worth. The City of Lake Worth WILL NOT RESPOND to 911 calls in the City of Fort Worth. IF YOU LIVE IN FORT WORTH, BE SURE TO INSIST THAT THE 911 OPERATOR NOT TRANSFER YOUR EMERGENCY CALL TO THE CITY OF LAKE WORTH.

Texas Poison Center Network
Calling this number gives neighbors access to a network of nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and physicians who have extensive education, training, and expertise in the field of toxicology. If necessary, the staff may refer callers to the nearest hospital and assist in the person’s initial treatment and follow-up care. Their website has extensive information that neighbors will find useful.

Lake Patrol - Fort Worth Marshall
This is a non-emergency number for assistance on issues that occur on Lake Worth itself. The Marshall's office prefers that residents not call their office directly but instead call the Fort Worth Police number.

Fort Worth Police
This is the non-emergency number for issues that occur around the lake (in Fort Worth). The police beat for the association area is C11.

Fort Worth Fire Department
The fire station for the association area is Station 13 located at 5333 Lea Crest Lane.

Game Warden & Boat Registration (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
The Texas Parks and Wildlife office is located at 5400 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, Tx 76117. They handle boat title registries as well as fishing and game issues.

Texas Sex Offender Registry
Click here to learn about sex offenders near the neighborhood. You can see their names, maps of where they live, their pictures, and their risk level.

Post Your Comments
Below, you can post any security issues here. If you see crime or suspicious characters in the neighborhood, you can alert the neighbors by posting your comments here. If you have any stories to share about your experiences with the service you are getting from the Fort Worth Police or Lake Patrol, you can list that here as well.

10/7/2007 - Neighborhood Meeting

The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association will meet in Sunset Park at 2:00 for its first annual directors meeting.

Condemned Home at 8405 Island View Drive

Deanne Kearney is leading the effort to get the home at 8405 Island View Drive either habitable or removed. The home has been vacant for nearly two years. It is owned by a bank and has been condemned by the city. To date, it does not appear that much effort from the city or the lender has been made to resolving the home's status. Neighbors view the property as a fire hazard and an eyesore. Vagrants and other out-of-place people are found in the structure regularly.

RESOLUTION: The issue was resolved in January 2008. The bank abandoned the home to the city. The city then removed the dangerous structure.

A city crew removing the dangerous structure.

Neighbors Not Amused by "Laughing Gas"

A Mother is Concerned
A neighborhood mother became alarmed when she found dozens of small metal gas cartridges along the shoreline roads of Lake Worth. Further investigation by this concerned mother found that the nitrous oxide gas (i.e. "laughing gas," N2O) from these cartridges have a variety of legitimate uses such as a welding gas and as a whipped cream propellant. However, she also learned that these canisters of gas have become a very popular way for people to get a cheap high. "I find it difficult to believe that the dozens of canisters strewn along Watercress are from people welding or whipping cream."

When she began wondering why these canisters were so numerous along Watercress, she started looking for a local source. She soon found that one vendor of the gas cartridges was Easy's Smoke Shop at the corner of Surfside and Jacksboro Highway. The smoke shop sells the cartridges from behind the counter as well as (coincidentally) the peripheral items used by people who inhale the gas. (All of the items have legitimate uses and can be purchased legally.)

"I am not saying that the dozens of spent cartridges along Watercress come from Easy's. Nor am I implying that Easy's Smoke Shop is breaking the law. However, the large number of spent cartridges along the road makes me very concerned. I am worried about the undisputable fact that nitrous oxide cartridges and the items necessary for using them as an inhalant are being sold at the same place within the neighborhood." The concerned mother went on to say that when she asked an Easy's Smoke Shop employee as to why nitrous oxide was being sold there, a whipped cream dispenser (which uses the cartridges in question) was produced from behind the counter.

The neighborhood association is not accusing Easy's Smoke Shop of breaking the law or even disputing the fact that many people in the area may go to the smoke shop for their whipping cream and welding gas needs. However, the association does ask one question of nitrous oxide vendors in the area: Considering the intractable problem we already have with intoxicated drivers on Lake Worth's winding roads, does it make sense to continue to offer a potentially abused product (i.e. nitrous oxide cartridges and the items used for its inhalation) in our neighborhood?


Waverly Park Elem School
Principal: Mrs Mary Marshall
3604 Cimmaron Trl
Fort Worth, TX 76116-6851

Middle School

Leonard Middle School
Principal: Ms Cynthia Walker
8900 Chapin Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76116-6699

High School

Western Hills High School
Principal: Mr Dean Stacy
3600 Boston Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76116-6999

Private School

All Saints' Episcopal School
Principal: Thaddeus B. Bird
9700 Saints Cir
Ft Worth, TX 76108

Utility Contacts

Water - Lakeside
You must go to the Lakeside Water Department to get your water turned on. Many residents believe the Lakeside water to be of questionable quality. The hardness of the water is widely reported to ruin fixtures (e.g. toilets, faucets) as well as water heaters, and coffee pots. It also seems to leave a hard to remove residue on baths, showers, and driveway washed cars. Be warned. 817-237-1234

Trash - Fort Worth
Trash and recycle pickup day for the association area is Tuesday.
Bulk trash pickup is the week of the 4th Monday of each month.
To report any problems with the system, please call 817-392-EASY (3279) for assistance.

Natural Gas - Atmos
Service 888-286-6700
Emergency Number 866-322-8667

Electricity Providers
Click Here to Compare Rates and Contracts

Cable TV
Charter Communications

Satellite TV Providers
Current Customers 888-284-7116
New Customers 888-825-2557



Broadband Internet Providers
Charter Communications

Purpose / Membership / No Dues

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of the association is simple. The association is designed to create an environment where neighbor can help neighbor. It is open, free, and places absolutely no requirements on anyone - financial or otherwise.

Our Purpose - Community and Empowerment
The purpose of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is two-fold. First, the association is designed to foster a sense of community and pride in the neighborhood. Second, the assocation seeks to empower its members to address issues they may have with municipalities, entities, and non-member individuals that affect the quiet enjoyment of their homes.

The Association provides members with "how to" information to resolve common issues. We let members know who to call, what to say, and what to do when they have an issue that needs to be addressed. We also provide a network between residents so that they can share ideas and tips.

If a member is not able to resolve an issue with a municipality, corporate entity, or an individual, the Association leadership will become involved. Very often, people respond more efficiently to a neighborhood association's concerns than to an individual's complaints.

How To Join
If you reside within the neighborhood association's boundaries, you automatically qualify to participate (you may be a renter or a homeowner). If you live outside the boundaries or if you are a business or organization, you can become a non-voting member through a vote of the board. The philosophy of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is to be open and available to all residents.

No Dues
While similar neighborhood associations in Fort Worth charge nominal dues (e.g. $20 per year), the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association has no dues. By utilizing an electronic format (i.e. we use email and this web site to avoid printing and mailing costs), the association can remain free and open to all residents.

We Are NOT A Homeowners' Association (HOA)
The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is NOT a homeowners' association. A homeowners' association (HOA) (also known as a "mandatory neighborhood association") is generally formed when a neighborhood is first built. It is a legal entity that is chartered in the first homeowners' deeds issued on the properties. An HOA is chartered with the legal power to proscribe the behavior of the residents within its boundaries. In essence, an HOA can legally force its homeowners to maintain their properties in ways that are beyond the requirements of the city's codes. Many restrictive HOA's regulate everything from paint color to the appropriate times to fly an American flag. Moreover, HOA's can force the residents to pay HOA fees. The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA.

We Are A "Voluntary Neighborhood Association"
The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is an organization known as a "voluntary neighborhood association." The City of Fort Worth's web site states that, "A voluntary neighborhood association is an organization that represents all residents in the neighborhood and operates through an open, democratic process to improve or maintain the overall quality of life for all individuals within those boundaries. Membership in a voluntary neighborhood association is open to all the residents in the neighborhood but participation is optional. It has no legal power to require anything from residents."

Purpose of This Web Site
This web site forms the core of the communication in the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association. It provides important contact information as well as allowing an open and free area for members to communicate within the neighborhood.

The first purpose of the site is to be the "user's manual" of the neighborhood. Within these pages, you will find important phone numbers such as the utilities and law enforcement agencies that serve the neighborhood. This information creates a convenient way for neighbors to find the services they need.

You also will find articles about various issues that affect some or all of the neighborhood. These articles are designed to keep everyone in the neighborhood "in the loop." It's very important to note that the articles on the site allow anyone to post comments below the article itself. Simply click the "post comment" button to type in your follow up, comment, or additional information about the topic. Your information will then immediately appear below the article for the neighbors to view. This type of "blog style" web page allows everyone in the neighborhood to have an open conversation about anything that affects our area.

If you would like to receive periodic reminders and notices from the association, I encourage you to provide your email address. You will be contacted about important events and issues that affect us all. Providing your email address in no way obligates you to anything. Since we only email to residents or non-resident members, please identify yourself when you register. Click here to contact the association.

Important Note: The web site is monitored by the leaders of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association. Any comments deemed inappropriate or not in the spirit of cooperation may be removed. We ask everyone to be courteous when posting to the site.

Neighborhood Contacts

Michael Dallas
Phone: (817) 733-9056

Deanne Kearney

Brian Keller

Debbie Ballard

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