Lake Worth Dredging Survey Report 2009

Lake Worth Dredging Design Survey Report
June 30, 2009

Below, you will find links to the Lake Worth Dredging Design Survey Report of 2009. You can identify the links because they are underlined. (The topics listed below the links will be found in the link just above it.)

It's important that you understand that the study only covers portions of the lake under consideration for dredging. Much of the lake was not scanned or documented.

Objects Tagged and Identified:
The study contains several items of interest to residents. First, there are lists of objects found on the bottom. Since a "side scanning" radar was used (whick allows photographic images of the objects), many of the objects were identified. The lists show the location of the object and its most likely identification. The report lists objects such as barrels, logs, pipes, pilings, etc. which are located and identified.

Historical Finds:
The report also reveals some history of the area. The most striking example are the pilings for the Nine Mile Bridge. The radar image clearly shows the pilings lying at the bottom of the lake complete with the arches that held the roadway. (Click here to view in Appendix M.) Another interesting area is the flat shelf south of Willow Island. The survey shows that the shelf is very flat with two deep holes that could have been quarries or ponds. The flatness of the shelf may indicate agriculture or some other use. (Click here and go to page 46 and page 47 for a good view.)

The Report Below:
To make the document easier to read, it has been broken into portions. At the bottom of the page is a file that contains the entire document.



Lake Worth Dredging Survey Report 2009

Executive Summary
Table of Contents

Organization of the Report

Sonar System Configurations
Side-scan System
Multi-beam and Sub-bottom System
Ancillary System Configurations

Survey Concept of Operations
Data Processing
Moment Arm
Data Rendering
Summary Results

Bottom Condition
Survey Concept of Operations
Data Processing
Summary Results

Error Analysis
Depth Error
Position Error
Total Position Error
Sound Speed

Summary and Conclusions


Appendix A - Survey Areas, Bottom Characterization, Sub-Bottom Characterization, Bottom Condition Characterization, Objects of Interest, Surf Zone Observation.

Appendix B - Casino Beach Park Area

Appendix C - Willow Island Area

Appendix D - Sunset Park and Sunrise Point Area

Appendix E
- Camp Joy Park Area

Appendix F - Mound SW of Penninsula Club Circle

Appendix G - Wildwood Park Inlet

Appendix H, I & J - Goat Island to Silver Creek Basin

Appendix K - Arrow S Park

Appendix L - Hatchery Coves

Appendix M - Nine Mile Bridge


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