Huge Success! Shoreline Voter Rally Update

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Huge Success! Shoreline Voter Rally Update


The April 9th Shoreline Voter Rally was a huge success. Over 200 shoreline residents and all 10 candidates attended. The shoreline movement has caught the attention of the entire city and is being watched carefully. To be a valued constituency, shoreline residents now need to show up at the polls in the early election from May 2nd through May 10th.


As you probably know, on Saturday, April 9th, the four neighborhood associations sponsored a Shoreline Voter Rally barbecue. It was a huge success! Over 200 shoreline residents showed up. All ten candidates were there - the five running for mayor and the five running for council. Since the rally, I heard from many people outside the lake community that we made an extraordinary impact. The shoreline movement has been the talk of the entire city.

So, we are now halfway there. All we need to do now is show up at the polls. You need to vote in early voting. Early voting is the week of May 2nd through May 10th. I cannot overemphasize how important this is to you, your home, and to the lake.

As I said in the last video, we have a lot of serious issues that need attention. The green space that we all love around the lake needs to be protected from developers. We need help in addressing the increased crime and home invasions around the lake. And we need special attention on how drilling goes forward near the water. And these are just a few of the problems. The only way we are going to get our issues addressed out here is by becoming an respected constituency. And the ONLY way we become a respected constituency is by voting in the upcoming city election.

Let me say it another way. If we don’t vote in this election, we will be viewed as just a bunch of whiny babies that can be ignored. If we do vote, then we will be viewed as a valuable constituency who needs attention. It really is just that simple.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of your one vote. It doesn’t matter who each of us votes for, we just need to vote in the upcoming election.

As I said before, when each of us votes, it gets recorded. I got this disk at the Tarrant County Election Commission. It has every voter in Tarrant County on it. It also shows what elections each voter voted in. After this election, our elected officials will get a new copy of this disk. If we want to get issues around the lake addressed, they need to see that you and I and all of our neighbors on the lake voted.

This is what you need to do. Put on your calendars to vote on Monday, May the 2nd. To vote, you will need to go to the Sheriff’s office in the City of Lake Worth at 6651 Lake Worth Blvd. Lake Worth Blvd is Jacksboro Highway as it goes through the City of Lake Worth. The Sheriff’s office is about halfway between 820 and the Lake Worth Bridge on the South side of the road. Again, put on your calendars to vote on May 2nd at the Sheriff’s office in the City of Lake Worth.

If you vote and I vote and we get all of our friends and neighbors on the lake to vote, we WILL change everything.

We’re all in the together. I’m Michael Dallas.