Minutes 4/27/2008 - Board Meeting

Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 4/27/08

In Attendance: Michael Dallas-President, Deanne Kearney-Vice President, Debbie Ballard-Secretary, Brian Keller-Treasurer (present by teleconference).

3:05: meeting called to order

Discussed brush clean up around the neighborhood and getting it done before the May 31st Monster Dash.

ACTION: Deanne to call Christi Lemons re brush clearing

Questions as to how vacant lots are sold and making sure we stay informed prior to the sell. Residents living next to vacant city lots are concerned about neglect and/or "surprise" sales.

ACTION: Michael to call city about the procedure and how we can stay informed.

Concerns were voiced about Love Circle Park usage/preservation/cleanup. Brian will be contacting the appropriate people to start the process.

Next meeting scheduled October 4th, general neighborhood meeting.

3:40: meeting adjourned

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