Lake Worth Vision

The draft plan is the result of the November 2008 Lake Worth Vision Workshop, during which a five-member consultant panel met with Lake Worth area stakeholders to determine the most appropriate future land use plan, development pattern and forms, and recreational uses and facilities on and around Lake Worth.

The City of Fort Worth presented the draft Lake Worth Vision Plan on October 26, 2009, at C.F. Brewer High School.

Download a meeting summary or the presentation.

Since the October 2009 public meeting, the City has met with neighborhood associations and other groups to further discuss the plan's recommendations. City staff is currently working on updates to the draft plan based on public comments. Another public meeting will be scheduled in fall 2010 to discuss the updated draft plan. Below, I have included the preliminary 2nd revision created October 5, 2010 as well as the 1st Revision and Original Workshop materials from 2008.

The workshop and draft versions of the Lake Worth Vision are below:

2nd Revision of the Lake Worth Vision - February 2011
Cover, Table of Contents, Executive Summary
Part One: The Context
Part Two: Planning Process
Part Three: Vision Plan
Part Four: Recommendations and Implementation

2nd Revision of the Lake Worth Vision - October 5, 2010 (click image to view)

1st Revision of the Lake Worth Vision - October 26, 2009 -

Preliminary Workshop - November 19, 2008 -
Lake Worth Vision Workshop - November 19, 2008 - This was a three day workshop where experts from around the country came to Fort Worth and provided three possible outlines for the area. Download a meeting summary or the presentation.

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Unknown said...

Why do we need camping in the wooded area near Mosque point. There are at least two herds of deer, numerous turkey, fox, raccoon etc that live in this area and provide a unique addition to the Fort Worth area. Surely we can spare the space for these animals. Set camping around the dock areas and smaller areas along the lake shore.