Jacksboro Highway Plans

Neighbors have asked about the proposed plans for Jacksboro Highway and the Lake Worth bridge. There is some work that will begin soon and other plans that will be done far in the future.

Short-Term Plans:
In the short-term, the bridge will get traffic dividers. Currently, there is no physical barrier between east and west bound traffic. While dangerous enough in clear conditions, icy conditions make the bridge particularly dangerous. The homemade memorial on the east end of the bridge shows evidence of the deaths that have already occurred there. Installation of the traffic dividers should start in mid-June.

Long-Term Plans:
In the long-term, Jacksboro Highway will become a large, raised, divided highway (like an Interstate). As anyone who drives the highway knows, much of the work has already been completed past the Fort Worth city limits. In the future, a large "mix master" will be built where Jacksboro Highway crosses I-820. A new bridge will be built just north of the current Lake Worth bridge. The current bridge will then be used for carrying access road traffic across the lake. Currently, there is no schedule or budget to complete this work.

To see the long-term plan in more detail, click the image below.

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