Shoreline Voting Is Working! Two More Voting Weekdays.

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If shoreline residents want neighborhood leaders to be able to influence the decisions about what happens in the neighborhood and around the lake, residents to be viewed as a "respected constituency." To become a respected constituency shoreline residents need to vote in the runoff election which starts Monday June 6th and continues to June 14th with a final voting day on June 18th.

The video contains the presentation that the four neighborhood association presidents made to the Planning Commission on the Lake Worth Vision Plan. The commission's response clearly illustrates how every resident on the shoreline benefits when we are viewed as a respected constituency.


Voting Instructions:

Voting Starts Mondays June 6th and goes to June 14th
One final voting daye June 18th

Voting Locations - You may vote at any early voting location. The closest two locations to the lake are:

Northwest Branch Library
6228 Crystal Lake Drive, Fort Worth TX 76179
For directions, click link below:
Click Here For Directions To NW Branch Library

White Settlement Public Library
8215 White Settlement Road
White Settlement TX 76108
If you need directions to the polls, click link below:
Click Here For Directions to White Settlement Voting

Other Locations (Interactive Map):
Click Here For A Map Of All Locations

Common Questions:

Not sure where to vote? - Look at the maps.
You can vote at any early voting location. The two places above are the closest to the shoreline.

Didn't vote in the first election? - No problem.
Any registered voter can vote in the runoff - even if he/she didn't vote in the first election.

Don't want to vote for mayor? - No problem.
Vote in the council race and leave the mayor race blank.

Don't want to vote for a councilman? - No problem.
Vote in the mayoral race and leave the council race blank.

No voter registration card? - No problem.
If you lost your voter registration card, don't worry.
You don't need it. Just present your driver's license.
The staff will do the rest. It's very quick and easy!

Need a ride? - No problem.
If you need a ride, just call me.
We have people who will take you to the polls.
You can reach me at 817-733-9056.

Don't know who to vote for? - No problem.
Call a neighbor or call a friend.
Every single vote - no matter which candidate you vote for - is a vote for the lake.


Critical Vote June 6-14 / Lake Worth Vision Update


I want to show you something. If you voted last month, then you’ve noticed something about your mailbox. It’s full of brochures from the mayoral and council candidates.

Here’s just a fraction of the stuff that I’ve received. Now, you need to understand something about this stuff. It’s expensive. I’ve got about $20 worth right here. Since it’s expensive, this stuff does not go to everyone. In fact, only a small handful of residents ever get anything from the candidates. Now let me ask you a question. Who do you think gets this stuff? I can tell you with absolute certainty that the only people who get this stuff are the people who vote!

If you don't remember anything else about this video, remember this. In the world of city government, voting makes you important. Your one vote sends a more powerful message than anything else you can do. It’s more powerful than letters and email. It’s more powerful than phone calls. It’s more powerful than speaking at council. The reason is that, unlike big national elections, our city elections hinge on a tiny handful of votes. That means that every single vote is highly prized and sought after by our elected officials.

What this means is that no matter who you vote for, just the very act of voting sends an extraordinarily powerful message. Your single votes says to our city leaders that you value your home, you value your neighborhood, and you expect their help and their support..

Let me show you one more thing. Here is a letter from one of the candidates specifically speaking to some of the issues we have here at the lake. Let me ask you a question. In past elections, how many times have you seen a candidate send a letter specifically addressing the issues at the lake? This goes to the very heart of what we are trying to do in this election. When we vote together - no matter who each of us votes for - we get their attention. And when we get their attention, we get their support. And we get their support, we get them to work for us.

If you haven’t voted yet, please vote Monday or Tuesday. These are the last two weekdays for voting. The polls are open 7am to 7pm. You can vote at any polling station. I’ve been told that the easiest station to get to from the lake is the White Settlement Library on White Settlement Road a couple of miles east of 820.

I know that this has been a long election but we are almost there! Together, we are changing everything!

I’m Michael Dallas.

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