Dredging Update - 7/10/2012

July 10, 2012

Fort Worth Water Department Employees have sent the following update:

"The long awaited booster pumps have arrived from Mississippi. They are currently being assembled and installed on a barge. At the same time the discharge and return pipelines are being installed to Silver Creek Materials. The current schedule calls for dredging to begin July 16th. You can anticipate seeing the dredge and the other barges on the lake this week moving into position to the west of Goat Island. The submerged electrical cable will run from Casino Beach to the booster barge west of Goat Island. The discharge pipeline will run from the dredging barge to a point just south of where Live Oak Creek enters Lake Worth. I have attached a copy of the sign that will be posted at the boat ramps.

Great Lake Dredge and Dock has given us a schedule for the Phase 1 Dredging. Please refer to the attached map for the location of the various areas and the dredging schedule.

I have also attached a map of the various areas and the desired completion date for any private boat dock dredging in that area. We will be sending out private boat dock permitting information to dock owners in Areas H, F, I and J next week. The remaining areas will receive their permitting information 90 days prior to the desired completion date for private boat dock dredging. Permitting information will also be posted on the Water Department’s website."

Dredging Sign:

Dredging Dates by Area of Lake:

Private Boat Dock Dredge Completion Dates:

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