Love Circle Park Master Plan

  1. Planted 65 trees in Jan 2014.  Hoping to plant 120 trees this year.
  2. Funding and scheduled work for improvements (jogging trail, etc.) to begin in 2016.

  1. No playground / shelter / parking – maintain the site as a passive use open space / naturalized area
  2. No trail encroachment into the forested area at the south end of the park
  3. Light levels can be easily modified so that just enough illumination can be provided to observe activity in the park without creating a lighted parking lot’ effect.
  4. Park encircled with cabling for reduced access to motorized vehicles.
  5. Removal of “the road to nowhere”.

From: Creek, David
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 12:54 PM
To: Roop, Sami L.
Cc: Zavala, Richard; Bounds, Paul S.; Youngblood, Sandra; Penn, Scott; Rice, Tonda; McElhany, Joel; Adams, Melinda J.
Subject: Love Circle Park


Water Department has identified funding in the amount of $200k for future improvements to LoveCircle Park in their FY16 portion of the Lake Worth Improvement Funding Plan. This plan projects funding so things could change between now and then as you know, but Water does anticipate that the funds will be available.

Our Trades Infrastructure group will construct these improvements and Scott Penn has added the project to his crews work plan to begin by the 2nd qtr. of FY16. The construction schedule may be pushed up to the 1st qtr. if crews are ahead of schedule at that point.

I hope the neighborhood group will be happy to learn that funding is now identified and that a project is in a schedule to occur. If you would like, we will leave the neighborhood notification of this advancement to you and Dennis. If you want us to let them know, that would not be a problem.

If you have any questions please let me know.

David Creek
Assistant Director
Parks and Community Services Department
City of Fort Worth
City of Fort Worth — Working together to build a strong community
Fort Worth

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Michael Dallas said...

From: Creek, David
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2015 10:17 AM
To: Roop, Sami L.
Cc: Zavala, Richard; McElhany, Joel; Penn, Scott; Bounds, Paul S.
Subject: RE: The Destitution of Love Circle Park


The master plan has been completed (attached) and $200k has been identified in the CIIP for improvements to the park. The project is not currently identified in our 5 year capital work plan and we will find a location for the project in our next update.

In the Lake Worth area we do have several projects including the Lake Worth trail, Nature Center boardwalk replacement, Nature Center levee repair, road and parking repair at Marion Sansom, and playground replacement at Arrow S and Camp Joy Parks,