Here are my questions and answers from Jay Chapa, the Fort Worth Assistant City Manager.

1) Q. What is the status of the contract? What is the remaining contract timeline?

A. We expect the construction contract to be placed on the October 25th city council agenda for consideration. Once the construction contract is approved and executed, a public meeting will be held to go over the detailed construction schedule. The total construction time in the contract is 730 calendar days.

2) Q. What is the estimated work timeline: (1) groundbreaking, (2) pipe installation, (3) grinder installation?

A. The detailed construction schedule will be reviewed with the contractor at a pre-construction meeting and then shared with the public at the public meeting.

3) Q. What are the costs to the residents?

A. The charges from the City to the residents include a tap and impact fee – many of which have already been paid by the residents. Residents will also be required to have private side work performed, to include hiring a private licensed plumber and electrician for the work to connect and power the new grinder pump, pump out and deactivate the septic tank in accordance with ordinances and regulatory requirements, and potentially install backflow prevention assuming a private side well is not permanently abandoned at the time of connection to the water system. Costs for these private side work activities will vary, depending on the lot configuration, landscaping, and individual preferences.

4) Q. What kind of notifications should we expect?

A. A public meeting will precede construction. At the public meeting, residents will be provided with a detailed listing of the requirements necessary to connect to the water and sewer lines, to include the necessary code inspections for the private side electrical and plumbing work. In addition, the Water Department will assign a staff member to both inspect construction and be a point of contact for residents during construction activities. Our field representative will also meet with customers to determine the exact location for the grinder pump to be installed. A notice will also be sent out when residents are able to make the connection to the public water and sewer.

5) Q. How is water and sewer going to be coordinated? Same or different times?

A. We plan on reviewing the detailed work schedule and work activity coordination to be submitted by the Contractor prior to the pre-construction conference. This schedule and work activity coordination will then be shared at the public meeting.

6) Q. What about the four homes by the pump station? Are they going to be connected at the time of Love Circle or when the Watercress work is to be done?

A. Connection of the four homes in the vicinity of the lift station to city sewer is not included in the Love Circle project. Connection of these houses to sewer in the future will be performed by a separate project.

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