Dock Ordinance - Community Proposal vs. Current Staff Proposal (10/19/2010)

Dock Steering Committee Proposal (The Community Collaboration):

Size and Setback:
1) Up to 25% of easement can be covered by dock up to a maximum of 2500 square feet.
2) All residents are allowed at least a 1000 square foot structure as long as it fits within the deeded property.
3) Variances for size and setback can be applied for by all residents.

1) A flat 5' setback applies to everyone.
2) The setback only applies to "sides" of property (i.e. does not shorten length of dock).

Covering and Enclosures:
1) "Dockhouses" are allowed as stated in deed.
2) A 2nd story and roof are allowed without restriction.

Current Staff Proposal:

Size (limited by length of water frontage):
1) 0 to 100 foot frontage - limited to 800 square feet of structure
2) 101 to 150 foot frontage - limited to 1,200 square feet of structure
3) 151 feet or more frontage - limited to 1,600 square feet of structure
4) No size or setback variances allowed for anyone

Setback (increases with length of water frontage):
1) Less than 50 feet frontage - 5 feet setback
2) 50-69 feet frontage - 10 feet setback
3) 70-99 feet frontage - 15 feet setback
4) 100 feet or more frontage - 20 feet setback
5) Setback applies to "length" of dock as well (e.g. frontages over 100 feet only allowed to extend 80 feet into lake)

Covering and Enclosure:
1) "Dockhouses" are not allowed (i.e. siding prohibited).
2) Second stories are only allowed by getting a variance.
3) Second story can only be 50% covered by roof.

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