Dock Ordinance - Immediate Action Required! (11/09/2010)

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Councilman Carter Burdette
Phone: 817-392-8807
Address: 1000 Throckmorton, Fort Worth TX 76102

Mayor Mike Moncrief
Phone: 817-392-6118
Address: 1000 Throckmorton, Fort Worth TX 76102


Example Email 1 (You may copy and paste this text into your emails):

I am writing because I am deeply frightened by the way city staff has been treating the shoreline citizens residing on Lake Worth, myself included. We desperately need your help.

Two years ago, city staff led a community collaboration for creating a zoning ordinance on Lake Worth known as the “Dock Steering Committee.” This committee was led by city staff and was composed of real estate professionals and lake leaders. In December of 2008 (after six months of work), that committee issued recommendations for a zoning ordinance that met the needs of the residents and served the interests of the City of Fort Worth.

Shortly thereafter, city staff abandoned the community’s collaboration and engaged on a stubborn mission to damage property values and disenfranchise shoreline residents from the enjoyment of their homes. I believe that my home is in peril.

I am asking you to please restore order and to convince city staff to halt the attack on our homes.



Example Email 2 (You may copy and paste this text into your emails):

I am deeply concerned about the attacks that city staff are making against all of us shoreline residents on Lake Worth.

Two years ago, Fort Worth city staff worked with our local leaders to create a dock ordinance that would meet the needs of residents and the City of Fort Worth. In December 2008, the committee resolved all of the issues and city staff issued recommendations.

Since that time, city staff has usurped the process and engaged on a mission to damage our properties. I am deeply frightened for my home.

Please help.


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