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Lost & Found On Lake Worth:

If you have lost or found a dog, cat, boat, or other item, please use Craigslist to either post (if you found something) or seach posts (if you lost something). Here's the link to the Fort Worth Lost & Found section of Craigslist:


Instructions - If you lost something:
Click the link above. On Craigslist, simply type in the key word(s) that you are looking for in the "Search for:" box. Then the "Search" button. You may try searching "Lake Worth", "Dog", "Cat", or whatever you lost.

Instructions - If you found something:
Click on the link above.
In the upper right corner of Craigslist, click the "Post" button.
On the next screen, click "Lost & Found." (Do not click "Pets." That is for the sale of pets - not found pets.)
Click "Fort Worth."

Fill in the form:
Title: (whatever it is your found "Small Brown Dog," "Big White Cat," etc.
Location: Please use "Lake Worth" if you found it around the lake.
Description: Type in a description of the item you found. It may also help to put in where and when you found it. Also put in any requirements that you may have such as "I found a widget. Please call me with a description of the widget and where you might have left it."
Email: You will need to type in your email address twice. I suggest that you leave the button "anonymize" selected. This will allow you to get emails from respondents without having your actual email posted.
If you wish, you can post photos of the item you found.

Click "Continue"
Click "Continue"
Click "ACCEPT the Terms of Use"
Enter the words that you see into the box. Include the spaces and symbols and make sure to capitalize letters when necessary.
Go to your email address and open the email sent to you by Craigslist.
In the email, click on the link.
On the page (that pops up), click "Publish."

Whenever you want to delete your posting, go back into this same email, click the link and then click "Delete."

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