Peninsula Club Circle - A New Park?

1/29/2009 - Neighbors around Peninsula Club Circle have been concerned about the possibility that drilling rigs could be placed within the circle. I have been speaking with City of Fort Worth employees about this issue. To date, I have been assured that no rigs will be sited there.

A long-time objective of the neighbors has been to turn the land into park. At the end of the year, the Parks Department will develop a comprehensive park master plan for the Lake Worth area. During that process, the SSNA will push to move Peninsula Club Circle out of the Water Department and into the Parks Department as a designated park. Achieving this objective will allow the area to be cleaned up and turned into an attractive neighborhood asset. It will also preclude the area from every being used as a drill site.

Michael Dallas
Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association

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Unknown said...

is there any news concerning peninsula club circle's status?