Strange Boat on Lake Signals Dredging On The Way - February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009

I received the following question from a neighbor:

"For a couple of days last week there was a large cabin enclosed potoon boat in the vacinity from Goat Island to Camp Joy. The boat had a dingy. The boat stayed out there from early morning until late evening. There was a small remote control boat (or board) with a yellow sail in the middle of it. The large boat would sit in the middle of the lake and apparently controled the small remote boat. The remote boat would travel methodically slowly in circles around the cove, sometimes close to the shores and around the dock. There were 2 people in the boat. We guessed they may be sampling water or measuring depth - Do you knew what this activity was?"

Answer: It is a crew performing a "bathymetric survey." In essence, this survey will map the entire topography of the lake bottom. This information will allow the Water Department to keep costs down when getting bids on the dredge as well as to specifically identify the problem areas in the lake.

Another neighbor took the pictures above.

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