Treasurer Duties & Candidates

At the October 7th meeting, it was suggested that we have four board positions instead of three. This is a valid point. Since the treasurer position is part of most organizations, it is a natural fit as the fourth board position. While our association charges no dues, at some point, Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association may have money to work with.

Other neighborhood associations around Fort Worth have asked for special funds from drillers when negotiating contracts. Funding the neighborhood association with money from the drillers strengthens the association without charging the residents dues. For now, the treasurer's duties will simply be a board position (with no monetary responsibilities).

If you would like to run for treasurer of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association, please post your name below with any information you wish to share. At the October 21st election, you will have the opportunity to speak before the ballots are cast.

Duties of the treasurer will include:

1. Collect membership dues and keep records of paid members.

2. Maintain custody of all financial records of the association and deposit all such funds in a bank approved by the Executive Board.

3. Pay all bills and distribute funds by check only upon receipt of a bill.

4. Submit a written financial report at each meeting and give a copy to the Secretary.

5. Perform such other duties as requested by the President or Executive Board.

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Anonymous said...

Brian Keller for Treasurer

I live on Love Circle at 7504 and will be presenting myself at the meeting this Sunday. I have lived here for one year and am very interested in playing an active roll in protecting, improving, and investing in Lake Worth. Please feel free to ask me any questions on this website and I will check it daily to respond before the Sunday meeting. Otherwise, please feel free to ask questions Sunday.

Thank you.