Minutes from 10/21/07

Meeting was brought to order by acting President, Michael Dallas.

Bylaw Adoption:

Members were given copies of the bylaws to review. Two issues were raised and subsequentally voted upon. Under Article V, membership, number of votes per property was discussed. Five voted for the bylaws as drafted and five voted for a change. In case of the tie, the acting President broke the tie and bylaws were voted as drafted. Under Article VI the issue of being able to have future dues was discussed. Current draft of bylaws stated an increase in dues would have to occur by a majority vote of the membership (not just executive board). Discussion included a clause to prohibit dues from ever being collected. Draft bylaws was adopted in a 7-3 vote as written. Following the discussions of articles of concern, entire draft bylaws was adopted, as is, in a 7-3 vote.


Election results were as followed. All positions ran without opposition.

President: Michael Dallas
Vice President: Deanne Kearney
Treasurer: Brian Keller
Secretary: Debbie Ballard

Concerns and Issues for Consideration for the NA:

  • Condemned house on Island View
  • Dead trees in park near Island View
  • Location of drilling rigs
  • Developement of Jacksboro Highway
  • Approachment by gas companies of individuals
  • Sewer lines to Love Circle- current plans are in the 1-6 year range of happening. Sewer to Watercress and other circles in the 6-15 year range.
  • trim trees around roadway (past Island View on Watercress)
  • Erosion and repaving of Watercress
  • Development of a phone tree to involve more members

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:10.

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