Minutes of Meeting on Sun 10/7/2007

Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes 10/7/07 2PM

Michael Dallas brought the meeting to order and discussed the purpose of the association including the differences between a home owners and neighborhood association (NA), lake dredging, development and enhancement of the area, park improvements and drilling.

Shelly Harper, President of the East Unified neighborhood discussed how everyone in their area has gotten to know each other. Unification equals clout with council, zoning board. Their group monitors concerns in their area such as soil erosion. The Eastside NA has enhanced their neighborhood socially with progressive dinners. They hold four meetings a year and have a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer as well as two directors at large. They negotiated their oil and gas leases for the neighborhood and worked out a fantastic deal for the members.

Joe Waller, head of the Lake Worth Alliance spoke and urged the west side of the lake to form an active association encouraging citizen participation in the ongoing dredging project.

Christi Lemons with the City of Fort Worth spoke about the benefits of an organized group. The city communications with the associations sending advanced notifications regarding zoning and other pertinent city information. She encouraged the NA to hold elections and create bylaws.

In response to questions about dues, it was explained the website was being used versus mass mailing to avoid costs and the need for dues. The purpose of the website is to distribute information and post blogs. Participation is voluntary.


Concerns about self appointment of officers: Elections will be held and bylaws written to address length of terms and conditions of voting.

Sailboat Club did not want to be associated with the NA. Did not really want the NA and wants an election of officers. Interim officers were by volunteering as the form to become a NA required names of officers. Elections will be held as soon as possible. Sailboat Club representative was agreeable to that.

Toni Brown sent out a flyer to all neighbors cautioning about the NA becoming a watch dog and doesn’t want duplicate ordinances. Wants elections of officers and bylaws that protects everyone from "sleeping dragon". Intends to monitor website and wants to be informed.

Other discussions included:
Set a date for elections.
Decide how to handle absentee voting.
Bylaws needed to set boundaries of NA.
A neighbor new to the lake commended the formation of the NA and encouraged its formation and involvement based on previous positive experiences with other NAs.
Michael Dallas adjourned the meeting at 3:15.

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