Vice-President Duties & Candidates

If you would like to run for vice-president of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association, please post your name below with any information you wish to share. At the October 21st election, you will have the opportunity to speak before the ballots are cast.

The duties and responsibilities of the vice-president will include:

1. Serve and assume all responsibilities in the absence of the President.

2. Act as special assistant to the President and represent the President whenever so designated.

3. Perform all such duties as requested by the President or Executive Board.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Deanne Kearney and I would like to run for VP of the SSNA. I have lived on the lake for over 17 years and have enjoyed the view, the people and the natural beauty of the wooded area we live in. Since moving to the lake, I have met and worked with the city to discuss drainage issues. I have participated in activities that clean the lake (after the big floods), cleaned up docks that have floated into the lake, towed in boats that have run out of gas or had engine trouble and helped to maintain the ski course on the lake. After the Civic Club initiated the path forward to purchasing the property, I actively worked with the neighbors on my block to set the stage for purchasing our properties. I met with the city to understand the requirements, discussed with the neighbors their options and initiated a petition that was signed by all. This petition led to the option to buy the property. I also worked with the city to understand the option for not purchasing at that time and informed those on the block of this option.

When I started hearing about the proposed drilling, possible dredging and huge developments that the city considered approving around the lake, I became concerned. I was also thrilled to hear that there was rumors of lake improvements. I attended the public meetings to support allocation of possible profits from the drilling, to go to lake improvements. My family and I enjoy the natural setting that we live in and I did not want to see drilling rigs come and go removing the trees, reaping the benefits and leaving our area an eye sore to look at.

After attending and speaking at several of the public meetings, the city and Lake Worth Alliance folks approached me about starting a neighborhood association . I thought hard about the volunteer effort that it would take to do it the right way and did not take it lightly. After talking with Mike Dallas, who was also heavily involved, we decided to look into the process of starting an association. I knew there would be initial issues, but from the participation and interest at the first meeting, my assumptions were correct in the fact that a majority of folks think its important to come together to voice and resolve issues in our neighborhood.

I hope that everyone comes out on the 21st to vote for officers, but more importantly to start discussing a path forward for our area. I'm not sure we'll change the world, but I'm confident we will be asked for input from the city and the city will respond more effectively to our concerns.