Presidential Duties & Candidates

If you would like to run for president of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association, please post your name below with any information you wish to share. At the October 21st election, you will have the opportunity to speak before the ballots are cast.

The duties and responsibilities of the president will include:

1. Public speaking on behalf of the neighborhood association - when issues arise that involve the association, the president should be willing to speak before the city (e.g. council, committees, etc.) as well as the news media (e.g. newspapers, television, etc.) or any other organizations, groups, or people that affect the neighborhood.

2. Attending and participating in important meetings - There are numerous organizations for which the president must consistenly participate. They include: regular meetings of the Lake Worth Alliance (LWA), city council meetings of interest (when issues concerning the neighborhood are discussed), city committee meetings (e.g. Capital Improvement Implementation Plan (CIIP)), gas lease meetings, etc.

3. Assisting and acting on behalf of members - when neighborhood issues arise that need the association's influence, the president needs to be willing to compose letters and emails as well as initiate phone calls and meetings with authorities.

4. Presiding at all meetings of the Association - The president will oversee the meetings of the neighborhood association and shall vote when necessary to break a tie.

5. Signing with the Treasurer or any other officer authorized by the Executive Board, all checks, contracts, and other legal documents.

6. Appoint committee chairpersons with approval of the Executive Board - when committes are necessary, the President will need to find and appoint people for the committee.

Note: Those who have run neighborhood associations will tell you that it is helpful to have "thick skin" and a diplomatic manner.


Lake Worth said...

Michael Dallas
For President of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association

Many people in our area realize that our lake and our neighborhood are facing huge changes. A town the size of Plano is going to be built to our west and northwest. Gas companies will be drilling around us. The lake is going to be cleaned up and dredged. Huge sums of money will be spent to develop parks, bicycle trails, and other recreational facilities around the lake. At the same time, the city is busy creating new regulations and taxes for lake residents. These changes affect all of us. If we don’t come together to discuss these issues and to present a unified voice, these decisions will be made exactly like they have been made in the past – without the participation of our neighborhood.

Some of the issues that we need to address right now are:
The lack of city water and sewers on Love Circle
The fact that Love Circle residents have been prevented from purchasing their land
The lack of city sewers down Watercress
The fact that the city is considering new dock regulations and taxes

In the future, we will need to discuss the following issues:
How much and what type of development do we want in our local parks?
What kind of contract can we negotiate for our neighborhood’s minerals?
Where do we NOT want drilling? (e.g. Peninsula Club Circle)
Where do we want drilling?

Since moving to the lake two years ago, I have become heavily involved with these and other neighborhood issues. I meet regularly with the Lake Worth Alliance, speak at Fort Worth City Council and committee meetings, meet with our council representatives, speak to the media, and talk with the neighbors. As one who is “in the loop,” I see a big gap between what’s happening and the neighborhood’s involvement. That’s why a few of us neighbors decided to organize the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association. We want it to provide a conduit for providing information to the neighborhood as well as providing a place for concerned neighbors to become involved.

I certainly could have continued pursuing these issues on my own (without forming or leading a neighborhood association). However, I believe there is great value in having good neighbors come together to discuss the issues. Moreover, by organizing our own neighborhood association (and having it join the Lake Worth Alliance), I am convinced that the city leaders will respond much more effectively to our concerns.

Few will argue that in times past, residents on Lake Worth have been neglected, overlooked, and ignored by the city. I believe that a change in this attitude is long overdue. By working together, I am certain that we can make our voices heard.

I encourage everyone to attend and vote on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Please remember if you don't post that you want to run for office you can't gripe when it is time to vote. where are all the people that had issues with the way our association was started? wow it seems we are good at voicing an opinion but don't want to get involved with our neighborhood.