Purpose / Membership / No Dues

Our Philosophy
The philosophy of the association is simple. The association is designed to create an environment where neighbor can help neighbor. It is open, free, and places absolutely no requirements on anyone - financial or otherwise.

Our Purpose - Community and Empowerment
The purpose of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is two-fold. First, the association is designed to foster a sense of community and pride in the neighborhood. Second, the assocation seeks to empower its members to address issues they may have with municipalities, entities, and non-member individuals that affect the quiet enjoyment of their homes.

The Association provides members with "how to" information to resolve common issues. We let members know who to call, what to say, and what to do when they have an issue that needs to be addressed. We also provide a network between residents so that they can share ideas and tips.

If a member is not able to resolve an issue with a municipality, corporate entity, or an individual, the Association leadership will become involved. Very often, people respond more efficiently to a neighborhood association's concerns than to an individual's complaints.

How To Join
If you reside within the neighborhood association's boundaries, you automatically qualify to participate (you may be a renter or a homeowner). If you live outside the boundaries or if you are a business or organization, you can become a non-voting member through a vote of the board. The philosophy of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is to be open and available to all residents.

No Dues
While similar neighborhood associations in Fort Worth charge nominal dues (e.g. $20 per year), the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association has no dues. By utilizing an electronic format (i.e. we use email and this web site to avoid printing and mailing costs), the association can remain free and open to all residents.

We Are NOT A Homeowners' Association (HOA)
The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is NOT a homeowners' association. A homeowners' association (HOA) (also known as a "mandatory neighborhood association") is generally formed when a neighborhood is first built. It is a legal entity that is chartered in the first homeowners' deeds issued on the properties. An HOA is chartered with the legal power to proscribe the behavior of the residents within its boundaries. In essence, an HOA can legally force its homeowners to maintain their properties in ways that are beyond the requirements of the city's codes. Many restrictive HOA's regulate everything from paint color to the appropriate times to fly an American flag. Moreover, HOA's can force the residents to pay HOA fees. The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is NOT an HOA.

We Are A "Voluntary Neighborhood Association"
The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association is an organization known as a "voluntary neighborhood association." The City of Fort Worth's web site states that, "A voluntary neighborhood association is an organization that represents all residents in the neighborhood and operates through an open, democratic process to improve or maintain the overall quality of life for all individuals within those boundaries. Membership in a voluntary neighborhood association is open to all the residents in the neighborhood but participation is optional. It has no legal power to require anything from residents."

Purpose of This Web Site
This web site forms the core of the communication in the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association. It provides important contact information as well as allowing an open and free area for members to communicate within the neighborhood.

The first purpose of the site is to be the "user's manual" of the neighborhood. Within these pages, you will find important phone numbers such as the utilities and law enforcement agencies that serve the neighborhood. This information creates a convenient way for neighbors to find the services they need.

You also will find articles about various issues that affect some or all of the neighborhood. These articles are designed to keep everyone in the neighborhood "in the loop." It's very important to note that the articles on the site allow anyone to post comments below the article itself. Simply click the "post comment" button to type in your follow up, comment, or additional information about the topic. Your information will then immediately appear below the article for the neighbors to view. This type of "blog style" web page allows everyone in the neighborhood to have an open conversation about anything that affects our area.

If you would like to receive periodic reminders and notices from the association, I encourage you to provide your email address. You will be contacted about important events and issues that affect us all. Providing your email address in no way obligates you to anything. Since we only email to residents or non-resident members, please identify yourself when you register. Click here to contact the association.

Important Note: The web site is monitored by the leaders of the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association. Any comments deemed inappropriate or not in the spirit of cooperation may be removed. We ask everyone to be courteous when posting to the site.