Law Enforcement and Security

Problems with 911
Residents who live on Lake Worth (but in the City of Fort Worth) frequently have their 911 calls rerouted to the City of Lake Worth. The City of Lake Worth WILL NOT RESPOND to 911 calls in the City of Fort Worth. IF YOU LIVE IN FORT WORTH, BE SURE TO INSIST THAT THE 911 OPERATOR NOT TRANSFER YOUR EMERGENCY CALL TO THE CITY OF LAKE WORTH.

Texas Poison Center Network
Calling this number gives neighbors access to a network of nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and physicians who have extensive education, training, and expertise in the field of toxicology. If necessary, the staff may refer callers to the nearest hospital and assist in the person’s initial treatment and follow-up care. Their website has extensive information that neighbors will find useful.

Lake Patrol - Fort Worth Marshall
This is a non-emergency number for assistance on issues that occur on Lake Worth itself. The Marshall's office prefers that residents not call their office directly but instead call the Fort Worth Police number.

Fort Worth Police
This is the non-emergency number for issues that occur around the lake (in Fort Worth). The police beat for the association area is C11.

Fort Worth Fire Department
The fire station for the association area is Station 13 located at 5333 Lea Crest Lane.

Game Warden & Boat Registration (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
The Texas Parks and Wildlife office is located at 5400 Airport Freeway, Fort Worth, Tx 76117. They handle boat title registries as well as fishing and game issues.

Texas Sex Offender Registry
Click here to learn about sex offenders near the neighborhood. You can see their names, maps of where they live, their pictures, and their risk level.

Post Your Comments
Below, you can post any security issues here. If you see crime or suspicious characters in the neighborhood, you can alert the neighbors by posting your comments here. If you have any stories to share about your experiences with the service you are getting from the Fort Worth Police or Lake Patrol, you can list that here as well.

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