Sewers - Long Overdue

As you know, the Scenic Shores area around Lake Worth has been promised sewers for a long time. Residents are wondering whether these modern conveniences will ever arrive. The answer is that we will get sewers - sooner or later. We just don't know which.

The way Paul Bounds (Regulatory/Environmental Coordinator of the Fort Worth Water Department) describes the water department's project management is this. A "list" of projects is created and prioritized. The department then starts at the top of the list and works down. Once the department's budget runs out, nothing lower on the list gets done. Guess what. Our sewers have never been high enough on the "list" to get done.

The newest development in the sewer saga is the creation of a new "list" - The Lake Worth Capital Improvement Implementation Plan (CIIP). This ambitious list should begin a transformation of the lake area into a world-class recreational complex. The current list primarily consists of dredging Lake Worth, improving parks, and a handful of miscellaneous capital projects. One of the projects on the list is our sewers.

Right now it is unclear whether being moved from one list to the other is good or bad. As you might guess, many residents are cynical. They feel that putting our sewers on the same list as a long-promised dredging of the lake will delay the installation indefinitely.

If you would like to speak with Paul Bounds and other city leaders about the sewers or other projects on the CIIP, click here for the next public meeting time.

If you have any thoughts, insights or clarifications, just post them below.


Lake Worth said...

The CIIP currently lists Love Circle as a high priority use for the Barnette Shale gas revenues. It is estimated that sewers and water will be delivered within 6 years. I would expect work to start on this project within the next 24 months.

The sewers and Fort Worth water lines down Watercress are listed as projects to be completed in 6 to 15 years.

The neighbors with whom I I have spoken indicate extreme disappointment with this schedule. Therefore, it will be important for us to continue pressuring the city on completing these projects as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this update on Love Cirle's sewage/water delays. As you know, getting these services is directly linked to getting our property titles and out of the lease agreement. How can we best pressure the city to speed up this time line (6 yrs)? Also, if it looks like it will be that long, is there any chance the city would grant us septic waivers and allow us to convert our leases to titles in the next year or two?

Lake Worth said...

Very good question Chris. I'm not sure if this is a policy issue or legal issue. I will find out and see what might be done.

Anonymous said...

Any more news on this?