Condemned Home at 8405 Island View Drive

Deanne Kearney is leading the effort to get the home at 8405 Island View Drive either habitable or removed. The home has been vacant for nearly two years. It is owned by a bank and has been condemned by the city. To date, it does not appear that much effort from the city or the lender has been made to resolving the home's status. Neighbors view the property as a fire hazard and an eyesore. Vagrants and other out-of-place people are found in the structure regularly.

RESOLUTION: The issue was resolved in January 2008. The bank abandoned the home to the city. The city then removed the dangerous structure.

A city crew removing the dangerous structure.


Lake Worth said...

Michael Dallas (President of the Association) and Deanne Kearney (Vice President of the Association) met with Ken Young a Code Enforcement Officer with the City of Fort Worth on Tuesday, September 4 at 10:30 A.M. They discussed the fact that the bank owner of the property has done nothing to either bring the property up to code or raze the building. Mr. Young offered help and advice on how to work with the city in getting the situation resolved.

deanne kearney said...

Deanne Kearney requested a Public Information request to the city on Sept 4 to get detailed information, (code violations, leasing office restrictions) regarding the 8401 Island View property. Additionally, an email is being drafted up by the adjacent neighbors that identifies the issues they have seen with the property. The message will be sent to Ken Young, Code Compliance officer.

Unknown said...

Michael Dallas sent the following email to Kenneth Young:

Mr. Young,

Thank you for meeting the Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association representatives at 8405 Island View yesterday. As we discussed, the neighbors living in the area are tired of seeing this property in its current state of disrepair and inactivity.

As you know, the property has been sitting abandoned and vacant with little attention for over 2 years. There is no "For Sale" sign nor any other indication of even minimal effort on the bank's part to try to bring the house up to code or to sell it. The grass is mowed ocassionally. Stray animals continue to seek shelter in the back yard. Tree limbs from dead trees on the property have fallen on neightbors' fences causing damage.

The property also attracts individuals seeking shelter. This has created a dangerous situation for all the families residing in the neighborhood. Evidence of tresspassers and vagrants (sleeping bags, open cans of beans, etc) can be seen inside the house, garage, and backyard.

Deanne Kearney has talked with Lisa Scotford about the property over the past two years. Lisa has indicated there are numerous legal and property issues other than the issues you mentioned with the building. Since the land is still Ft Worth City lease property, Deanne has submitted a Public Information Request (PIR) requesting all the information on the property. Good information will help us be prepare to discuss this case with any city office as required.

Please keep us informed of any progress. When the case goes in front of the Special Enforcement Division or Building Standard Commission please let us know ASAP in order for us to have adequate representation.

The Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association thanks you for your personal attention and willingness to meet with us. More importantly, we appreciate your professional commitment to increase the City of Ft Worth's focus on this issue. We look forward to a speedy resolution and conclusion to this case.


Michael Dallas

deanne kearney said...

Deanne Kearney talked to Kenneth Young on Oct 3. He indicated that he has completed the documentation needed to take to the Special Enforcement Team. It will be reviewed and its possible that it could be presented to the Substandard Building Committee in Dec or Jan 08. This meeting is a public meeting. I have asked Kenneth to inform me when 8405 shows up on the agenda in order to have neighborhood association representation.