Fort Worth City Contacts

Animal Control (817) 392-3737
Brush & Bulky Waste Collection (817) 392-3279
Code Compliance (817) 392-1234
Curbside Recycling (817) 392-3279
Dead Animal Pickup (817) 392-3737
Illegal Dumping Fort Worth (817) 392-3279
Permits (Garage Sales) (817) 392-2222
Traffic Lights Not Working/Timing/Street Lights Out (817) 392-8100

Street Repairs:
Potholes/Minor Repairs/Emergencies: 817-392-8100 (TPW Customer Service Center)
Requests for Major Repairs: 817-392-6311 (TPW Infrastructure)
CIP Streets (under construction): 817-392-7813 (Engineering Department)
Water Leak Damage/Repairs: 817-392-8275 (Water Department)
Click here for more info.

Tree Removal From Parks and Roadside Brush Trimming:
The forestry division of the Parks Department is responsible for tree removal from city owned property and trimming the brush back along the roadsides. You can contact them at 817-871-5738. Click here for more info.

Illegal Dumping:
Illegal dumping is investigated by the Environmental Investigations Unit of the Code Compliance Dept. Click here to report illegal dumping

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