Neighbors Not Amused by "Laughing Gas"

A Mother is Concerned
A neighborhood mother became alarmed when she found dozens of small metal gas cartridges along the shoreline roads of Lake Worth. Further investigation by this concerned mother found that the nitrous oxide gas (i.e. "laughing gas," N2O) from these cartridges have a variety of legitimate uses such as a welding gas and as a whipped cream propellant. However, she also learned that these canisters of gas have become a very popular way for people to get a cheap high. "I find it difficult to believe that the dozens of canisters strewn along Watercress are from people welding or whipping cream."

When she began wondering why these canisters were so numerous along Watercress, she started looking for a local source. She soon found that one vendor of the gas cartridges was Easy's Smoke Shop at the corner of Surfside and Jacksboro Highway. The smoke shop sells the cartridges from behind the counter as well as (coincidentally) the peripheral items used by people who inhale the gas. (All of the items have legitimate uses and can be purchased legally.)

"I am not saying that the dozens of spent cartridges along Watercress come from Easy's. Nor am I implying that Easy's Smoke Shop is breaking the law. However, the large number of spent cartridges along the road makes me very concerned. I am worried about the undisputable fact that nitrous oxide cartridges and the items necessary for using them as an inhalant are being sold at the same place within the neighborhood." The concerned mother went on to say that when she asked an Easy's Smoke Shop employee as to why nitrous oxide was being sold there, a whipped cream dispenser (which uses the cartridges in question) was produced from behind the counter.

The neighborhood association is not accusing Easy's Smoke Shop of breaking the law or even disputing the fact that many people in the area may go to the smoke shop for their whipping cream and welding gas needs. However, the association does ask one question of nitrous oxide vendors in the area: Considering the intractable problem we already have with intoxicated drivers on Lake Worth's winding roads, does it make sense to continue to offer a potentially abused product (i.e. nitrous oxide cartridges and the items used for its inhalation) in our neighborhood?

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